Passing a dlgstring to the find panel


trying to get into a bit of dopus programming, but am a bit like a fish out of water. i'm trying to create a new find button that opens the find results in a new tab in the destination lister. however, when i press a key combination., i want a prompt to open up that i can type the search into and it automatically populates the find window search panel with my search string and the correct directory. what i got so far isL

FIND CONTAINING = {dlgstring|Enter new Search!!|}

however, i am having some probs pass the string to the relevant place. sorry, i'm a total noob! :slight_smile:

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also is there a primer to programming in dopus anywhere? something that explains via examples of the basic conventions? :slight_smile:

Couple of examples here:

The manual's internal command reference has lots of examples oh how to use each command. Beyond that, there are some tutorials in the Tutorials section of the forum and lots of (fairly random :slight_smile:) examples in the Buttons & Toolbars section.

By the way, we are more likely to help if you link your account.

Thanks for the links Leo! :slight_smile:

will def check them out when I get the chance. Have linked my acc as you suggested.

Sorry for my ignorance, but can I ask what programming language is internal dopus script liking most like in terms of conventions?

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They're more like very simple batch files than a real programming language.