Password in zip files

I've just tested the following :

  • I zip a few text files with DOpus and set a password for the archive
  • I modify one of the text files (outside of the zip)
  • I open the zip file as a folder, then copy the updated file in it, in order to replace it : DOPus asks for the password, I enter it, the file is replaced

Problem is : when I go back into the zip file again later, I can open the text file that has previously been updated without DOpus asking me for the password (it asks for it when opening the other files, as expected). Is that a bug or a normal behaviour ?

If that is normal, is there a way to protect new files added to a zip without having to extract the archive, add/modify files and recreate a new protected archive ?

The password is cached for your convenience.

That's what I thought at first, but the other files (those that are not updated) keep asking me for the password each time I try to access them.

It seems to me that when a zip file is created with a password, it's not to the archive that the pass is assigned, but to each file. And when one of them is updated, it removes the pass.

Anyway, I guess that you know what you're talking about better than me ( :slight_smile: ) but I'd like to be really sure that when I modify a file inside a protected zip, this file is still protected.

I think zip passwords are always applied to each file in the zip, rather than the archive as a whole. (Of course, normally all files have the same password.)