PASTE and retain focus

I've been experimenting with @NODESELECT because I'm constantly losing focus on files after I perform an event. Generally speaking, whenever I do something to the file (Rename or Paste being the most frequent), I'd like for the file to still be selected.

Under [Customize --> Keys], I've changed the command for the CTRL+V "paste" function to this...

Clipboard PASTE

But it doesn't work. I also tried creating a custom button and got the same result = the file wasn't selected when I pasted it into a new folder.

Any ideas?

@NODESELECT stops files from being deselected after they're operated on. In this case when you paste you're creating a new file that was never selected so @NODESELECT won't have the effect you're looking for.

I guess what you want is something like Clipboard Paste=Select or a similar new argument. I've moved this to the Feature Requests forum.

Well, thinking through this particular example (I'm sure you've got other usage scenarios where you'd like certain items to retain selection/focus) the idea doesn't flow quite right...

If you're in folder A and hit +C to copy even just a single file and then switch to folder B in order to paste the file there, the @NODESELECT option is already meaningless because the file isn't even there yet (much less 'selected') in order for it NOT to deselected by the actual paste command.

I think in this case, the best you might be able to do for yourself is to disable the Preferences->File Operations->General->Automatically sort new and modified files option. It's not really what you want, but you could then at least hit the key to send you to the bottom of the file display where you're pasted items would be until you manually refreshed the lister.

What other usage examples do you have? Maybe some of them can be tweaked... but do you understand the reasoning why the @NODESELECT option has nothing to operate on in 'this' example?

Yeah ok, so Nudel said it with a alot less words and moved this to FR forum - LOL.

So if you think about how the @NODESELECT works as described here and have commands other than PASTE where you're looking for a similar effect... start a new topic. Maybe they'll all be feature requests :slight_smile:.

hey! where did... :slight_smile:

I understand the argument about @nodeselect but that's defending a certain piece of functionality versus justifying the requirement (I work in software and do it all the time!).

Like I said, I pretty much want to focus on the file no matter what happens to it. Paste is the most common requirement but rename is another... I posted about this a few weeks ago and got a working solution but not a perfect one.

I haven't tested it but dragging a file into a .zip archive in DO probably doesn't retain the focus on that file.

I can't think of anything else that I would use a lot.

Just to be creative... What about if you drag a file/folder on top of another folder/zip and then immediately drill into that target folder/zip. Maybe a feature would highlight that recently added object similar to the "highlight previous folder on up/back"?

Aha - I did actually remember and think about that other 'rename related' topic when I saw this one but forgot you were part of that as well.

As for current @nodeselect functionality, I wouldn't say anyone is arguing or defending the way it works... just stating a matter of fact. What you'd like it to do is simply not the way it currently works. That's not to say what you propose isn't valid and valuable - I think it's a great feature request. To throw my 2 cents on top of Nudel's suggestion of a Clipboard PASTE specific enhancement... perhaps we could also ask for a global type of File Operations option/ehancement similar to the existing Automatically sort new and modified files. Maybe something like Automatically 'select or set focus on' new and modified files? Or maybe a new command argument accepted for use with all internal/external functions similar to @nodeselect - like @selectnew or something?

Another scenario...

When I'm downloading multiple files from a browser and I have DO open, the files that are added are not selected. They are either inserted at the end, or since I have the "automatically sort.." option on, they're inserted into the correct location... but I can't see them inserted. I'm downloading a lot of files but don't have visiblity into the file that was just immediately downloaded.

If you're monitoring a downloads directory why not sort it by date?

Yes Steje,
LOL ! But here's yet another laugh.
Can we explain my success in doing this?

First I tried this in an empty folder:
clipboard paste
select all

It Almost worked !
My old computer is a mixed blessing in that it catches "the timing issue" in native DOpus functions easier.
( I'm slowly building a new Flaming computer )
I copied 4097 gifs to the new folder and it selected all but a few of them.
Since they were the last files in the lister sort, I think they were the first few files processed by the clipboard paste.

I then tried both :
clipboard paste
sync:dopusrt /cmd select all

clipboard paste
dopusrt /cmd select all

Both of these functions properly selected all of the copied files.
I point out though that the 4097 files are only 834 bytes each !

I then attempted to expand on the idea.
( Does any of this strategy sound familiar Steje ? )
I copied all 4097 gifs to a new folder and attempted to copy all 4097 gifs to the same folder again using :
clipboard paste
dopusrt /cmd select all
dopusrt /cmd Select SHOWHIDDEN NoPattern

It worked every time !
Only the new files are selected in the end and so far it selects only and all of the pasted files !

Steje, I know we have seen timing issues crop up with a strategy such as this.
Any thoughts, observations ?

:opussanta: porcupine

Yep, this all sounds familiar :slight_smile:.

Porc and I recently exchanged some email questioning our memory related to having seen strange 'timing' issues when using certain commands after one another to do multi-command operations like what's being tried here...

Sorry Porc... I'd have to go back and try some of the old things we had worked on with multi-command buttons to try and recall why they were such hassles. It looks like you've got this worked out here though - but are the dopusrt prefixes really needed here?