Paste As JPEG

Created this, because I was pasting a lot from Clipboard directly into Opus. Someone could probably use some cunning to modify it and increment the file number, but I'm sadly not that smart so would really appreciate someone to extend it like that.

I dropped this into the lister context menu next to Paste.

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button> <guid>{4456497A-227D-4F42-A55E-E6F40B97481B}</guid> <label>Paste JPEG</label> <tip>Paste Clipboard as JPEG</tip> <icon1>223</icon1> <function> <instruction>Select NONE</instruction> <instruction>Clipboard PASTE</instruction> <instruction>Select PATTERN "Clipboard Image.bmp"</instruction> <instruction>Image HERE CONVERT=jpg QUALITY=75</instruction> <instruction>Delete QUIET </instruction> </function> </button>

If you always want to paste as JPG and are happy with the default quality setting then you can change the default format from BMP to JPG in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Miscellaneous.

Of course, this command is still useful if you only want to paste as JPG sometimes or if you want to specify the quality level.

This is really usefull!
However, I'd prefer just a preference and not a button taking up more space on the toolbars.
I went to prefs>misc>misc> and did not find the option from bmp2jpeg.
Anything wrong I'm doing?

Sorry, I got the location wrong. It's under Preferences / File Operations / General.