Path completion doesn't support folder aliases beginning with a period (when typed)

With "Path completion in path fields" set to "automatically, as I type", when I type / in a path field, the drop-down list appears and all folder aliases can be seen. This is expected, and so is typing a and the list being narrowed down to only aliases beginning with the a character. The issue is that if the alias begins with a ., typing /. will not narrow the list down but instead disappear.

With the option set to "when I press the cursor keys" instead, typing /. and pressing the down arrow shows that Opus can complete the path, so it appears the problem with this character sequence is only for the "automatically, as I type" mode. Also, other symbols sequences have no issue being path-completed when typed, such as /; and /*, and so I believe something is being mishandled (or not handled) for the /. case.

The purpose of prefixing my folder aliases with a period is that, 1) it groups all my aliases together, and 2) both / and . are directly next to each other on my keyboard (ergonomic to type) and thus would serve as a quick way of only displaying my own aliases in the drop-down list and none of the built-in ones.


- Directory Opus v12.26 x64 Build 8006
- Windows 11 Pro v21H2 Build 22000.376
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This will be fixed in the next update.

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