Path Format -- edit the path

There is currently no nice way to edit the Path Format paths, the only two ways are more of a hacks:

  1. Copy/Paste the folder format (described in 2014 by Jon) -- but it doesn't work (Paste does nothing) -- is this a bug? (currently using Opus v12.16)
  2. Edit the /dopusdata/formats/ which is clunky and possibly requires restarting the Opus (interrupting, for example, the large move operation across hard disks).
  • I'd like to ask whether a way to edit the folder path could be implemented in the Opus' Preferences?
  • Also please check whether the Paste not working in Folder Formats is a reproducible thing (maybe I just need to update my Opus version).

Pasting was fixed recently: Folder Formats - Copy & Paste, Modifying

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