Path in titlebar, show actual absolute path

In dopus I show the folderpath in the titlebar.
And I have moved my desktop folder location from it's default location to:

But now the titlebar in dopus shows the desktop folder like this:

In stead of

I have some scripts that grab the path from the dopus titlebar and this leads to some issues.

The above request is a small request if it could be addressed I'd really appreciate it.
But I can only imagine the workload you have so if this get's pushed back I more then understand.
(Or maybe there is a setting within dopus to address this?)

The Desktop folder has a hidden Desktop.ini file inside it which tells things to display it with a specific name which gets translated for different languages (which is usually the same as its real on-disk name, for English users).

Turn off Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Display localized folder names if you want to see the actual on-disk name for folders instead.

Perfect this works, thank you!!!