Path to file in flat view

I use flat view quite often to find and copy recent changes. Quite often, there are files with the same names. I know I can find which directory they are in by right clicking and selecting properties. But sometimes there are a large number of such files. Is it possible to display the path to the file in the mouseover popup that displays the type and size of file? If not, any other suggestions as to how to make this quicker are appreciated.


Apparently it's not there so you might add the relative location column to your lister when in flat view

(A button command to do this is below).


Then you can click on that column header to sort the lister by each file's relative path

I was about to suggest the (Relative) Location column as well.

An alternative, if you'd prefer to see the path in a tooltip instead of in a column, is to add {path} to the tooltip for all files, as explained here: ... umpost2186

Thanks for both replies.I figured there had to be an easy way.