Paths in flat view question

the command
gives a different result if you are in flat view. In flat view, it shows the relative (I guess it's called) parent, rather than the actual one.



will return 'dir1' as the parent of when not in flat view, but will return 'a', in flat view.

Is it supposed to do this?

Basically, I am trying to figure out a way to select a bunch of jpgs in flatview and run IMAGE CONVERT on them, and recreate the original dir structure in the destination (without scripting since that's above my pay grade, though if that's how it has to be...)

{sourcepath} is the current folder. It has nothing to do with any selected files (other than that the current folder is usually the parent folder of selected files).

If you want the selected file's parent folder name, use {filepath|..|nopath}.

AH, I tried that but couldn't figure out where the bars, go! Thanks Leo :slight_smile:

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