Pattern matching in find field - select only folders?

since Dir *. will list only directories in DOS, i assumed the match pattern for folders would be .
but typing :
. in the find field selects files and not folders.
what is the pattern to select folders and not files?

Perhaps this is what you are looking for:

[url]File Filter Control - show only folders]

Just realized you are talking about the find field.
In the find panel, you can select: type -> Folders Only

yes, i mean the field that pops up at the bottom of a lister when you start typing. it's a very powerful little too, you can do quite a lot from it!

(except select only folders :slight_smile:)

Opus tends not to use the old DOS pattern matching syntax. For example, in Opus * will match everything but . will not (unlike DOS). . in Opus will only match things that actually contain a . character.

(The reason it worked with DOS was that DOS filenames had an implicit . in them. All DOS filenames have an 8 character base name (where some of the characters may have been blank), then a . followed by a 3 character extension (where some of the characters may be blank). A DOS file or folder "without" an extension was really one with a blank extension. The . was still there. Conventionally such names were displayed without the . and you could type or leave out the . without making any difference. None of this applies to modern filesystems where . characters and extensions are optional.)

*. in the find field is equivalent to . since the find field always matches sub-strings.

. does not match all files and exclude all folders. It matches anything with a . in it and excludes everything without a . in it.

If you have a file that doesn't have a . then it won't be matched.

If you have a folder that does have a . then it will be matched.

There isn't one AFAIK. You could use this command on a toolbar button or hotkey, though:


thanks for the detailed explanation, now i understand much better how the selection wildcards work.

i'll just make a hotkey for select all folders...