PC Authority rates DOpus 8 5 stars

The June 2005 issue of Oz magazine, PC Authority has devoted a page to a review of DOpus 8.

Overall rating: 5 out of 6

Quality: 6 out of 6
Features: 5 out of 6
Value: 5 out of 6

Final summation:

"If this all sounds a bit too glowing to be true, then try it for yourself. ... This is an essential upgrade, and something from which Microsoft could learn a lot."

Congratulations Greg and Jon!

But then, we already knew that, didn't we.

It's about time the rest of the world figured out what we've known here for quite awhile eh?

I also heard that PC Magazine has some great reviews regarding the latest DOpus release.

Congratulations Greg and Jon!


Right !

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That's great...

Out of curiosity, did they comment on anything specific that contributed to an overall 5/6 rather than a 6/6 score?

Hello Steje...

Only a couple of minor niggles, eg:

"... the introduction of Flash playback, but the movies don't respect the boundaries of the file stage, and so while they play correctly, you also see hiffen elements as the scroll off the edge of the frame, which rather spoils the effect."

plus a small quibble to do with how collections work.

Otherwise, all unstinting praise.

And this review predates Tabs!

LOL... let's mail them and ask them to re-evaluate 8.1 to get that 6/6 verdict :slight_smile:.

We just tell the Flash player to play in the given window and the rest is up to it, so I blame Macromedia (who conveniently are now owned by Adobe, who I already blame for a lot of stuff, Photoshop aside). :slight_smile:

While perhaps not as exciting, I wrote a positive review over at the cow on Dopus and touched on some of my favorite features, including tabs. :slight_smile: The good news is that its review was posted in most of the forums (I believe) so many users who didn't know about it before might now. Go check it out when you get a chance.

creativecow.net/show.php?pag ... index.html

Thanks for your hard work guys!

Thanks much Mythprod;
It's just what Opus needed.

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