PDF Exchange Viewer offsets image beyond right and bottom window edges

Current: Win11 | DoPus v12.30x64 | PDF-Exchange Pro v9.4.364.0

Beginning several months ago, after an indeterminate sequence of updates of both DoPus and PDF-ExPro, viewer page image is offset down and to the right within the window. Bottom and right edges of the page image extend beyond edges of the viewer window, and can only be viewed by reducing the viewer percentage below 100% - too small for old eyes to appreciate.

The "ABBy.FineReader15.PreviewHandler" and "Microsoft PDF" preview handlers - when enabled within the "ActiveX + ..." plugin configuration, each perform as advertised.

This anomaly survives reinstallation of PDF-ExPro latest version and reboot. I can send a screenshot if that completes the picture. Thoughts? TIA Bruce Chitiea | LA | USA

We didn't write PDF-XChange. You should report it to them if their viewer isn't displaying PDF files properly.

Thank you.