PDF plugin doesn't have a print function


This is more of a feature request than a bug, even though I find it odd :slight_smile:

When double-clicking a PDF file in Directory Opus (13) it opens it with a pre-installed plugin. Said plugin's URL seems to be ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web Plugin for Directory Opus according to the about page for it.

Problem is this plugin doesn't seem to have a "Print" function. So I can read PDF files but can't send them to a printer, which seems pretty odd to me. I have to right-click a PDF and open it with something else than DOpus.

I don't know if this can be forwarded to the plugin author or something ?

Opus uses whichever PDF viewer you have installed (the same as File Explorer). The viewer isn’t part of Opus. If you want a better PDF viewer, either install a different one or write to the people that make the one you use to ask them to add more functionality.

But why would double-clicking a file open it in a viewer?

My default PDF viewer should be Adobe Reader as it's installed. However, I confirm 100% when double-clicking one it Opus opens it in one of it's plugins.

Then again, I upgraded from 12, maybe I had that plugin before? The installation is pretty old so I don't remember if I installed any extra plugins.

If 13 comes out of the box without that plugin then yeah it's an issue with my installation.

Here's a screenshot (in french sorry) from my installed plugins :

I don't remember ever fiddling with it, but you never know.

The fact the help text explicitely mentions MetaPlugin (which is the one opening PDfs for me in Opus) means it's part of the installation I suppose?

I unchecked it, opened a PDF file and it asked me which PDF viewer I wanted to use, which is fine. If I reenable it though it still uses the PDF viewer I selected earlier.

So for me this issue seems to have fixed itself but the behaviro is a little weird and that plugin could really need a "Print" button/menu item I believe.

MetaPlugin just lets Opus use viewer plugins written for File Explorer. It isn’t the actual PDF viewer, just something that makes PDF viewers work inside Opus.

Double-clicking PDFs would not normally open them in Opus’s viewer, although it is possible to set that up if you’ve changed the filetype so make it do so.