PDF Preview

I am not sure what I have done, but the viewer pane no longer previews PDF files, it just displays complete gobbledegook? I am running version 11.13 - how can I restore PDF previews? Thanks.

Which PDF viewer were you using before?

If it's a modern viewer like recent versions of Adobe Reader or PDF-XChange, you may just need to repair or reinstall it.

If you're using a PDF viewer which only includes an Internet Explorer plugin, and not a modern Preview Handler, then recent updates to Opus will no longer use it by default. You can re-enable it via Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins, select and configure the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin, and add .pdf to the Internet Explorer 32-bit line. (If that causes you to see prompts to save the file when you try to view it, undo it as it wasn't what was needed to make things work after all.)

Thank you. I was having the same problem and that fixed it.

Thanks - that seems to have partially fixed it, although before the update the viewer pane showed the actual pdf document which I could scroll through, but now it just shows thumbnails of each page in the document and if I click on the pages, nothing happens? I use Nuance 'Power pdf Advanced' for pdf docs - from memory I think the viewer probably used this before but I cannot see it listed in the viewer options anywhere - is there any way to re-enable it in the viewer to preview pdf files? Also, I note that there is a ZeonPDFPreviewHandler option in the ActiveX section which is ticked, but there are no file extensions listed. I added .pdf to see if it worked, but it didn't? What does this do?

In my case, ZeonPDFPreviewHandler (32-bit) is associated with .xfdf and .zeonsecuritysettings.

Zeon is a part of the engine that Nuance, and probably others, use in PDF products.

Does anyone see PDFs in the viewer in a way that lets them copy text?

I ask because I can't, and yet in QuickViewPlus the viewer does allow text copying. That would be useful in Opus. Unfortunately, if I disable the ActiveX support for PDF, the viewer shows what is probably an "ASCII" of the file.

Try removing .pdf from the Internet Explorer 32-bit line, and adding it to the Generic ActiveX 32-bit line. It may not work, but is worth a quick try.

If that doesn't fix it, there may be another change that's happened on the system somewhere, since the only recent change on the Opus side to do with PDF viewing was to remove .pdf from those lists of extensions by default.

I finally got to the bottom of it! It transpired that the problem had occurred as a result of the installation of Nuance OmniPage 18 - it seemingly over-wrote the preview settings which had previously been associated with Nuance Power PDF Advanced. I (wrongly) assumed that the problem was something to do with the latest Opus update but it wasn't! I did a 'repair' on the Power PDF Advanced installation and lo and behold - everything is restored back to how it was! Thanks for the help.

Glad it's working now!

PDF software is always overwriting other PDF software's settings. :slight_smile: