Pdf thumbnail displaying on wrong pdf win7 x64

When viewing a group of pdfs in thumbnail view the thumbnails don't relate to the pdfs they are attached to. I've cleared the thumbnail cache in Opus but this didnt seem to fix the problem at all. Using windows 7 x64 with dopus 10.0.0 x64

What is generating the thumbnails, Adobe Reader, PDF-XChange or somethng else?

Adobe reader I think. I had foxit pdf editor installed but removed it. even reinstalled adobe reader but it didnt help. The thumbnails are appearing on the wrong files (see attachment)

Adobe Reader and my x64 thumbnails fix? (Adobe Reader thumbnails don't work on 64-bit Windows without the fix I wrote.)

If so, try the new version of the fix which I just put online. I had to guess what Adobe did wrong this time, and didn't get much feedback from the people I get it to to test, but I guess that means it solves the problem.

Note the instructions on clearing your Windows thumbnails cache. (I don't think you'll need to clear the Opus thumbnails cache as well, but it might be worth doing just in case.)

yep your latest version fixed the issue, thanks!