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PDF toolbar v2



PDF toolbar v2 By Albator V

This toolbar use a freeware named "PDFtk" (
You can read more about PDFtk in the Help menu.

With this toolbar, you can :

  • Merge all selected PDF files in one
  • Extract all pages of selected PDF files
  • Order pages: to move pages 3 to 5 before 1, just type "3-5 1" in field
  • Delete pages: to delete pages 3-6, just type "1-2 7-end" in field
  • Extract pages: to extract pages 2-6, just type "2-6" in field
  • Protect selected PDF files with password
  • Unprotect selected PDF files
  • Rotate file (+90°/-90°/180°)

Toolbar installation

  • You can copy AlbatorV-PDF Tool.dop file to /dopusdata/buttons
  • You can import AlbatorV-PDF Tool.dop file from Customize/File/Import toolbar

PDFtk installation

Download and unzip the following file.
By default, all buttons need to have "pdftk.exe" in "/home\tools\pdftk-1.41" directory.
Of course you can change this directory, but you need to edit all buttons... (~3.1MB)

[Note: Updated download link to current version of PDFTK 1.44 3/1/11]

AlbatorV-PDF Toolbar v2 english.rar (17.1 KB)
AlbatorV-PDF Toolbar v2 french.rar (17.1 KB)

PDF-Toolkit Menu (PDF merge, extract, protect, unprotect, organize)

This is VERY cool. I have been using PDFTK every few weeks for several years, and this has great promise to simplify the tasks I often do.

Now I need to play around with some modified scripting. What I most often do is something like take a few pages from Document A, then a few from Document B, then the rest of Document A. Sometimes I might have a dozen or so such instructions on the command line.

It will be fun playing with this.


Hi Albator,

Almost three years after your last edit of the original post, I'm giving this toolbar a try.

I had a few problems, so I made the following changes to my setup of your toolbar:

  1. Installed it into /home\Tools\pdftk (leaving off the version number)

  2. Had to fix the rotate commands to use 1-endright, 1-endleft, and 1-enddown instead of the 1-endR, 1-endL, and 1-endS. I'm guessing they deprecated the R, L, and S shorthand?

  3. Modified the rotate left command as it was not a complete path:
    Old version:
    pdftk {allfile$} cat 1-endL output "{file|noext}_(+90°).pdf"
    New version:
    /home\Tools\pdftk\pdftk.exe {allfile$} cat 1-endleft output "{file|noext}_(+90°).pdf"
    Reminder: I removed the version number from the folder name.

All of that being said, I absolutely love this toolbar. I work with PDFs quite a bit in my job and this will save me a lot of steps without needing to ask management for a full copy of Acrobat.

Thank you for doing this.


Oops. One additional correction...

My left command had +90° and my right command had -90°. These should be reversed. For example, left now has:

/home\Tools\pdftk\pdftk.exe {allfile$} cat 1-endleft output "{file|noext}_(-90°).pdf"

But this toolbar is working really well, AlbatorV. Thank you!


I had the need to rotate a pdf, and remembered your toolbar.. o)

Did you update the toolbar to reflect DesertDwarfs findings? I ask because I also have some difficulties.
The rotate buttons don't seem to work?

I ended up using command line for rotating right:

pdftk <input.pdf> cat 1-endeast output <output.pdf>

Did not investigate much, but the commandline options of pdftk are not very straightforward. Why does "cat 1-endeast" rotate right and why isn't the "rotate" argument used for this operation as one would expect. Strange. o)


@tbone: No, I don't update the toolbar. Maybe soon... :wink:

cat 1-endeast = rotate entire document 90 degrees clockwise.

My button to rotate right is pdftk <input.pdf> cat 1-endRight output <output.pdf>


Thanks, I may stick to what I said, what a weird commandline! o)
I created a menu-button (PDF-Toolkit Menu (PDF merge, extract, protect, unprotect, organize)) from the work you already put into your toolbar. Fixed some texts and prompts and the commandlines in the buttons contained. Thank you! o)


Sorry to dig up an old thread... does this toolbar still work?

Cant get it to run with PDFtk 2.02, do I need to purchase the full version of PDFtk?

Can someone please explain the "/home\tools.." path/directory?


Figured it out, thanks also to tbone's thread. I had to install PDFtoolkit to the C: root directory.


hello. only 100 pages to merge???