PDF viewer crashing in Viewer Pane

We have recently updgraded to Windows 10 in the past few days and since doing that we have found that opus is freezing alot when users are trying to view any documents or pdf's in the viewer pane. We have to end the opus processes then start them again when this happens so they user can continue to use Opus. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Opus doesn't include a PDF viewer, but will use the one installed on your machine (if it provides a Preview Handler), the same as File Explorer.

If the PDF viewer installed on your system is crashing, you should try updating or replacing it. (e.g. Adobe Reader, PDF-XChange, Sumatra, etc.)

(With Sumatra, you may need to turn on an extra option in its installer to get the preview handler as well as its normal standalone viewer app.)

Check that it works in File Explorer as well. If it is crashing or not working there either, you know the problem doesn't involve Opus.

Hi Leo

Cheers for the quick response. It doesn't seem to just be PDF's it's any document from word, excel to emails that is causing it to freeze just when using the viewer pane. We have some users using explorer with no issue at all.



The Office viewers are also not part of Opus.

You may have something crashing preview handlers in general, or multiple issues possibly.

Office viewer issues can often be solved by repairing the Office installation. But there may also be something interfering in general, e.g. antivirus.

Do the Office viewers work in File Explorer for people on the same machines and documents that are having problems in Opus, or are they separate systems/files?

What type of crash are you seeing? Is there an error dialog? Please post a screenshot of it if there is.

I've got the same problem with PDF X-Change. The viewer pane crashes and I have to kill the Opus processes. Outside Opus, X-Change works correctly.

I've read the older posts and enabled the handlers, etc. but the problem persists.

If PDF X-Change is crashing, you need to update it, replace it with another PDF viewer, or talk to the team who make it. We can't do much about crashes in third party viewers as we don't have the source code to them.

Ok, I will look for an update but outside Opus the app works correctly. Maybe the plugin itself crashes.

Does it work in File Explorer's viewer pane? That's the best place to compare things, since most other things will not be using the preview handler at all.

Update: I updated PDF X-Change and it was not working in Explorer's pane as well.

So, I downloaded NitroPDF and all works fine now. And in Opus :slight_smile:

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