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Pen drive or SD card doesn't auto refresh during plug or Remove

Why Pen Drive or SD card doesn't auto refresh in my file display when i unpluged my pen drive from my PC, But File explorer Does

I too want this

If the folder tree is on, you should be moved up to the This PC level if the drive you're looking at is unplugged.

If the tree is off, you stay where you were. There isn't really anything to "refresh" as the drive no longer exists and refreshing would give an error message. Update: See my reply below.

Auto refresh is working but in phones using mtp after i have opened a folder and unplugged phone and reconnect it the folder in which i was will not refresh after pressing F5 but if i go one level up in the bcrumb and come there again it show's content

I had a look at this in more detail and made a change which should make things consistent. Whether the tree is on or off, when a USB stick or similar that you were on is removed, you'll go up to This PC now (in the next beta).

Phones and MTP are a very different thing to USB sticks and normal drives with drive letters. I am not sure the real path behind the scenes for an MTP device (not just the human-readable path that is displayed on the screen) will be the same between the phone being unplugged and plugged in again. (e.g. Consider if you have two phones of the same model and plug them in at once. They'll both need separate IDs, even if they might have the same displayed names. I am not sure if the IDs change between plug-ins or not. MTP is not my area of expertise though; Jon knows more about that than I do. I'd also recommend using FTP instead of MTP in general, personally.)

So cant the refresh be fixed without going one level up and come there again

Hi Leo please fix all the issue about pen drive or mobile in next update. we do not want to go one level up, we want all behaviors like File Explorer. If we unplug pen drive the lister or file display have to go one level up auto.

It is already fixed in the current beta, as I said it would be:

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