Per-folder "display icons" setting for Power/Details mode

I normally don't have icons turned on when using DOpus (with a default Folder Format of Power Mode).

However, for some folders that I use TortoiseSVN on it would be most useful to have icons displayed, but in order to do so I have to create a Folder format that switches into Details mode.

Could you please add in a feature that allows me to set whether icons are displayed in Power mode as a per-folder setting?

If you don't like icons but want to see the status of SVN files, don't forget that you can add the SVN Status column (it will be under "Special") if TortoiseSVN is installed. (Assuming it has a Status column like the one in TortoiseCVS.)

That's a possibility, but I don't mind seeing the icons for those folders and the space taken up by a whole new column would be far wider than that of a 16x16 icon, so if this is a possibility either in the current version or a future update it'd be great :slight_smile: