Per folder thumbnail size setting


first of all thank you to the DOpus developers for this great application.

I have a request for an option, which allows to save a specific thumbnail size for a specific folder.
For example for folders in which I store electronic documents as pdfs I prefer a Thumbnail size of 110x155 (or a factor of this, which of course I can set with the thumbnail size slider).
But for folders in which I store pictures, I would prefer a completely different Thumbnail size ratio of 4:3 (eg 120x90).
I think currently I can only set a global thumbnail size in the Preferences dialogue, or am I wrong?

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There's no way to do this automatically, but if you have "Dynamic thumbnail sizing" enabled in the Thumbnail Preferences, you can use the Show THUMBNAILSIZE command to change the thumbnail size on the fly. You could easily set up a button or a hotkey to do this (for example, a button where the left click sets it to one size, and the right click sets it to another).

For example,



I used the Show THUMBNAILSIZE=160,120 command as a workaround.