Perform action depending on file type

I’ve got a button that should extract archives:

copy EXTRACT=sub

It’s working well. However I’m using an archive program called “freearc” whose file format (.arc) is not supported in dopus.

Is there a way to perform an action depending on the file’s type?


if type=.arc arc e {allfile} …
else copy EXTRACT=sub HERE
if type=.arc arc e -dp {destpath} {allfile} …
else copy EXTRACT=sub

It should work even if I select several files of different types.

You can use Settings -> File Types to define specific actions for specific types.

Making a button run them is a bit more complicated, though, although it is possible. e.g. You could assign an appropriate extraction command to the Middle Double-Click event for various archive file types, then create a button which runs FileType ACTION=mdblclk.

It's much easier to directly use the right-click context menu and mouse-button actions events which you can set via the file types, of course.

Thanks for that fas reply. I think I’ll split it into two buttons.

And thanks for great olympic games!