Periodic events

Are there any periodic events available in Opus? Like a kind of event, which can run periodically when the Opus window is active or when the contents of current folder change (not necessarily from Opus). I'd like to implement extensions/addins that provide information about the current folder in the lister status bar. However, the information may changed by another application in the background and I'd like it to be updated in Opus.

It'll be great if we can run a command at specific intervals with data for currently active tabs/listers. It could be used to populate variables used at other places like status bar.

You can do this by having your script add a command and then calling the command from outside of Opus when it makes sense so. (I don't think calling it periodically -- i.e. on a timer -- would make sense, but having git call it automatically after changes would make sense.)

More detail in the other thread: Can status bar codes call external programs?

I agree. That would work too and using dopusrt is a great idea as I mentioned in the other thread.


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