Perserve the original filename and path


I am renaming over 40,000 files and I need to preserve the original file name and folder path into the metadata. I know Directoy Opus allows me to use a Description field where I can store the folder path, but I also want to store the original filename in it as well.

How can I do this?

Thank You

A button which runs this seems to work:

dopusrt /cmd SetAttr FILE={filepath$} DESCRIPTION={filepath$}

where would I insert this command?

In a button, menu item or hotkey.

See the toolbar editing tutorial video for a quick-start on how to edit buttons.

Edit: Including follow-up info from our private message in case it helps anyone else:

You create a new button on your toolbar which runs the command I provided, then select the files and click the button you created.

To create a new button, select Settings -> Customize (a Customize window will appear; ignore that for now), then right-click some empty space on your toolbar and select New -> New Button.

Paste the command I provided into the Function: field of the button, then click OK in that, and click OK in the Customize window that appeared earlier.

Now select a test file and click the button. Its description should be changed to its path.

Does the filepath$ equal the full path name including the filename?

Yes, {filepath$} is the full file path including the filename.

It works perfectly. Thank You very much!!!!

Okay I found another problem. Now some pictures have the dimensions of the image preset in the description field...

2048 x 1536 x 24 JPEG Image

But when I select the description, it appears empty and If I add to the description it will look like that

Text Added 2048 x 1536 x 24 JPEG Image

How do I clear the description field?

Thank you

That stuff is automatically generated and can't be cleared at the moment.

(It's not actually written into the descript.ion file that stores the file descriptions; it's something Opus generates each time the file's information is shown. So it's not being stored as part of the description but it is currently always shown.)

Hello, is there a way I can enter the original filepath + filename into the COMMENTS field?

No need to ask the same question in two threads.

[quote="leo"]A button which runs this seems to work:

dopusrt /cmd SetAttr FILE={filepath$} DESCRIPTION={filepath$}

This is useful. Is there a reference for these commands? We would like to create a button in Opus where we could take what was in the Description field before and prepend text literals to it. Is this possible? What is the appropriate syntax?

Push F1 in Opus and look in the Opus Raw Commands section near the bottom.

No, not at the moment, at least without involving some external scripts or tools. You can set the description using basic Opus commands but you cannot append/prepend things to its existing value, except interactively (one file at a time).

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[Description Field)
[Perserve the original filename and path)

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