Persistent style/layout/config

I've done the obvious things ([Set as Default Lister], [Style Tab:Update]), and searched this forum, read the documentation, scoured through the whole [Preferences] tree (multiple times, on many occasions, on at least 4 versions of DirOpus now), and I can't get a persistent DIrOpus panel to come up preconfigured as I want it. I'm close but I still have to spend the first 20 seconds of every DirOpus session poking the gui to look like I want it.

I have a highly configured "Dual Vertical" type of Style defined that creates a left folder tree/lister, anchored on C:, and same on right anchored on D:. I have one Layout (Dual display, dual trees, find panel).

What I want is:

o DirOpus to open using my customized Style and Layout per below:

o Folder trees C & D drives 'selected', expanded one level, and all other folders & drives not expanded.

o Respective listers synchronized with folder trees, displaying files (details in specific columns) etc.

o A "Find" panel at bottom, folded shut, but ready to be expanded via the "Up" function button.

What I get is (even after specifying a Lister Layout to be opened by default from both the Taskbar icon and Desktop dblclick) :

o Both folder trees focused apparently haphazardly on some previously selected folder or subfolder on some other drive or network drive. Many other drives & folders expanded at various depths. The lister themselves however do somehow display C: & D: details as I want. It's just that I have to poke around numerous times to collapse all the randomly expanded drives, folders, subfolders on both folder tree panels before finally seeing a tight, collapsed synchronized folder tree panel for both sides.

o The Find panel always appears open, taking up most of the bottom half of the layout. I'd like it to be there, enabled, but shut, ready for me to open it. When I click on my customized Style tab at the top, the Find panel does then for some reason collapse shut as I want it, but this same click causes both folder trees to go nuts for 20 seconds, opening/expanding various folders at various depths, on various drives (I have several attached USB drives).

Very frustrating that I can't get some simple, obviously desirable behavior out of this otherwise wondrous product. I don't think of myself as a lightweight after 20+ years in computers, but if I have to look idiotic in order to finally get beyond this, I'm finally ready to grovel. Bring it on..

James Timmerman

My first inclination is to suggest opening Opus with a saved layout but it seems you are already doing that. I can't answer your questions other than to say I think you must have missed an option setting somewhere, for what you want to do should not be a problem.

What happens if you create the lister look exactly as you want, save it as a layout, exit completely, and then launch Opus again with that saved layout?

I also have this (minor) problem with the folder tree and saved Layouts:

Left picture: this is how i saved the Layout
Right picture: this is what i get when i load the Layout, BUT sometimes (randomly) i get what i want :confused:

The lister however always displays D: details as I want.

I never found a solution for this, so i created an extra button to go to my Downloads folder ... :frowning:

I have done precisely as you've suggested. I have created 6-7 versions of Listers and Layouts and I still get the random folder tree snarl in both panels of my custom created "Dual Vertical" type Style when opening DirOpus, even after complete exit (no systray icon), and, after reboots. If it doesn't come back the way I want it after a reboot, I don't know how one could back off to any cleaner a basis.

Note also that I've had this same behavior over the last 3-4 releases of DirOpus, including the new, current V9.1.1.0. I'd be interested if anyone can quickly gen up a custom "Dual Vertical" and try to get a persistent, tidy folder tree configuration as I've described in the first post, left focused on a C: with one level expanded to show root folders, same for right panel, but for D:, and all other drives & folders completely collapsed. ...and I'd like the "Find" panel available at the bottom, also collapsed.

I sure hope someone makes me look real silly and tells me how to slap all this into place because it's the worst thing an application could do to force a user to spend the first minute of use configuring it each time it is invoked. Having an app's gui present a persistent/consistent arrangement whenever it's used would seem to me to be to be a fundamental requirement.

James Timmerman

I use location Tabs, and clicking on them does indeed get my details panel display to go where I want, but the folder tree behaves as described above. I.e., focus (highlight) is on some random folder (or maybe my last location) even though the details panel is correct. I wouldn't necessarily expect folder trees to collapse & tidy up when selecting a Tab (though I'd love to have this option), but I'd think that at least the folder tree would set its focus (highlight) to the correct folder in the tree, i.e., to be synchronous with what is displayed in the details panel.

Again, I wonder how others wouldn't be moaning about this very fundamental expectation for gui behavior, or how the developers could possibly miss releasing a product over multiple releases that behaves in such a frustrating way.

Someone please make me look real silly.

James Timmerman

How come you want the Find panel open but collapsed? Do you know that you can create a toolbar button (or hotkey) which toggles the Find panel on and off? That way it's still a single click to show/hide the panel and it doesn't take up any space at all when you are not using it (except for the tiny space that the toolbar button uses).

As for the tree not opening to the initial folders... I've seen it myself in the past (long before the last 3-4 releases, too) but I can't reproduce the problem at the moment. I suspect it happens when it takes a long time for the tree to populate. That might be caused by having some optical discs in the machine, or mapped network drives. It's like there's a timeout and if the tree isn't ready within a certain time then it doesn't change to the initial folder (although I mentioned this to Jon @ GPSoftware and he said there isn't such a thing in the code explicitly so it's not that simple).

Right now whatever I do I get the trees selecting the initial folders. If anyone has any ideas on what might trigger the problem then please put them forward. If we can find a way that GPSoftware can reproduce it themselves then it should be easy for them to fix but otherwise it will be quite difficult.

  • My computer is a stand alone desktop (no network)
  • No external disks connected
  • I disabled all my dvd/cd-rom stations to test it, but this is (still) what I get when I open a lister 8 times:

No, No, Yes, No, No, Yes, No, Yes

(No means: Tree doesn't expand; Yes means: Tree does expand (as I want))

So it expands sometimes but not others, with no changes made between attempts?

Yes, exactly! I always use 'Desktop Double Click' to open my Listers (it opens my default Lister Layout).

Thanks for the replies & suggestions.

I've been assuming that my symptoms can be easily repeatably demonstrated by anyone simply genning up a "Dual Vertical" display with folder trees, and such settings saved as specific Layout and Style. Then this Style/Layout configured to be the specified config for either double-click_desktop or DirOpus SysTray icon.

Apparently some people are validating my observations. I'd be interested Leo if you can't demonstrate my symptoms by doing the above.

Thanks for the suggestion about assigning a button or shortcut to enabling/disabling the Find panel. I already do get the Find panel behavior I want via my custom Style though I can't always do this when creating a new Style. I can't figure out why one Style gives me a collapsed Find panel, and others don't. Anyway, this is a very minor issue, and totally solvable by your suggestion of using a button or shortcut. I still think it's reasonable to expect that such an incredibly powerful file manager would allow a user to set up a persistent configuration.

When I do invoke (click on) my custom Style, this is when both folder trees go nuts, and I have to poke extensively on both trees to get them tidy & correctly focused.

Note that implied in all of my above posts, is the fact that even though I've specified that my custom Style and Layout be invoked on opening DirOpus, that I don't get my desired layout or configuration until I manually click on my custom Style (the Layout size & position is ok). And then, I have to clean up after the Style generates randomly snarld folder trees.

James Timmerman