Personal File Missing

I did a system update when I rebooted and came back on my personal folder was missing from my folder tree. The only way I have figured to access is in in the run bar it then shows in the tree on the left hand side, but as soon as u close dopus and bring it up again it is gone. I have tried uninstalling dopus and reinstalling and have rebooted after the uninstall removing all files... I have a two key license and it is still on my second laptop so I don't know why this one is having problems?

Can you show us your Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance and, just below there, Options pages?

Does the folder show up in Windows Explorer? Is it in its usual place?

No it is not in my windows explorer file either... Its showing on my desktop and if i go through desktop it shows in my folder tree and stays until i close it out and bring it up again.

it shows:
file colections

it used to show right under my homegroup... It will if I go through the desktop but wont stay on close ad reopen.

I got it to show in Explorer by changing the setting to show all folders

Got it it was not back thanks so much :slight_smile:

Glad you got it back! :slight_smile:

Did you just need to turn on User Profile folder below Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance, or was there more to it than that?