PGP Desktop makes Dopus 10 crash

Since I upgraded to v10 I have problems navigating in mounted PGP Desktop 9.10 (v9.12.0.1035) virtual disks.
DO keeps crashing without an error message.
All I do is trying to navigate and copy in regular and in flat view mode.

Is this a familiar problem and is there anything to do about it or investigate it further?

Symantec seem to have acquired PGP and I'm not sure if PGP Desktop (other than PGP Desktop Email, which I don't think ever included the disk encryption stuff) exists as a product anymore:

Maybe it's the PGP Whole Disk Encryption or PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition (or Endpoint Encryption Full Disk Edition?) products now, but I'm not sure which to download and test with (assuming trial versions exist; I didn't get that far).

FWIW, I've used Opus 10 with both TrueCrypt and BestCrypt without problems (or at least without problems in Opus; I have seen the occasional BSOD with both products when editing files on encrypted drives, outside of Opus).

On a business laptop I encountered a similar issue. The laptop use PGP Whole Disc Encryption.

With DOpus 10 I occasionally had DOpus to use one core completely (50% CPU usage on the dual-core laptop). I had to exit DOpus completely via the tray icon and to restart. Closing all listers did not help.

I tried to pinpoint what may be the trigger but I could not find any clues. It was tied to any special directory, disk or similar. It was also sporadic and I could not sit around and wait because it is business laptop :slight_smile:. It may be due to that the PGP is tied to Active Directory authentication. But no real clue, yet.

If I can pinpoint a reason more likely I will post it here and report to GPSoft.

The latest version of PGP is at least 10.1.1. Might be worth trying the newer code. I had some problems with PGP 9 (nothing to do with Opus) and these were resolved when I installed v10.

Regards, AB

Just to add to the conversation: I copied the map with the culprits to outside the PGP partition, and also then Dopus crashes on that map. So to me, it is the content of the map that makes Dopus crash.
I have to do further investigation to track down the particular file(s).

Windows explorer has no problem handling the PGP map or the copies map.