Phantom files shown in optical drives

Having a weird issue with my dvd and br burners on DO that does not happen with Windows Explorer. Specifically, when no disc is in the drive it will show one or more "cd audio" files being there. These are not actual audio files, though, as saving them to the hard drive then opening them in a text viewer shows them to be random bits of data, almost like cached files of some kind. Sometimes I have to load a disc in the drives twice to clear these phantom files and read what is on the disc.

By comparison, Windows Explorer does not even show the drives being present until a disc is inserted, then the drive shows up and all files are properly displayed.

Am I missing an option in the DO menu?


Win7 x64

Paste /localappdata/Microsoft/Windows/Burn into the location bar and see if the files you're seeing are in any of the directories below there.

If nothing is waiting to be burned to disc then any directory below that folder should be empty, except perhaps for a (hidden) desktop.ini file.

I tried that, and there are no files in those folders. The "phantom" files have the .cda extension, but they are not music files, and all are listed at 44 bytes in size. (Nor have I actually burned any discs in those drives to date.) Again, this doesn't happen when using Windows Explorer.

Can you show a screenshot of this happening?

What happens if you open a command prompt and run [b]dir x:[b/] and [b]dir /ah x:[/b] against the drive, where x is the drive letter?

If you right-click one of the .cda files and open its Properties dialog, what does it say is its location?

Checking the e: drive with the command prompts you suggest shows "file not found"

However, checking the properties by right clicking in DO shows the location of the file to be on the e: drive. (Again, this happens when there is nothing in the drive)

The screenshot shows the e: drive, but the same behavior occurs on the d: drive as well. Note the 1994 date... very strange !

That is really strange.

If you are on the E:\ drive in Opus and then use Tools -> Command Prompt Here, does that command-prompt open in the E:\ directory? If so, what happens if you do a "dir" or "dir /ah" from that?

(Opening the command prompt via Opus should ensure that it inherits the same environment as Opus itself is using, in case there's something odd going on with different processes seeing different drives or drive-letters, which can happen but is quite unusual unless Opus is running under a different account to the rest of the desktop.)

Doing that shows the phantom file there, along with the system reporting a CD being present when nothing is in the drive. Now this gets even more weird -- I tried doing the same thing again with the normal command prompt from the start menu, and the same thing happens when I check with "dir." However, with "dir /ah" the file does not show, but the system still thinks there is an audio CD present.

I checked again with Windows Explorer, and neither empty drive shows up as before. HOWEVER, when clicking on "computer" in the left pane, both optical drives show up in the right pane. Then, when double clicking on any of them, the phantom file shows. So perhaps this is some kind of strange Windows behavior that DO is picking up on?

You didn't leave a music CD in the drive and forget about it, did you? :slight_smile:

Problem solved (I think).... after contacting the computer manufacturer, it turns out there is a known issue with my particular motherboard that causes those weird files to appear on optical drives. I was advised to plug my drives into a different SATA sockets, which is known to fix the issue.