Phone connection via USB opening Explorer

Minor problem, but on latest beta of DO and latest dev build of Win11, connecting my Samsung phone via USB is opening Explorer. I'm pretty sure it used to open DO as expected. Probably Microsoft being naughty.

I don't think anything related changed on our side recently. Definitely not in the last beta.

Things can still explicitly ask for Explorer if they want it. (The same as some parts of Windows open Edge instead of the default browser.)

I think it is Win (11) issue. In the settings for media autorun is a separate entry for MTP Devices and it is not possible to choose Dopus there.

Perhaps the setting of the phone was changed, so that is is now recognized as MTP (which is standard I assume).

...or related to Samung's driver/software.

I just noticed opening a folder from within Open Audible is also opening Explorer now, but I did just get an update to that, so no idea if that happened with the OA update or the latest Win11 dev build.

That's why dev builds are not for daily/productive usage.

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