Photo File Collections from AI generated MetaData file Tags

Perhaps this is not a proper topic for this category.
The tutorial category may be a better place, but I know many people know more about metadata and exif than I do. So, I'll start here.

I have trialed and eventually purchased at a US Holiday price of $44.25 USD an AI photo recognition program with German origins. Excire Foto is still a puppy at maybe 1.5 years old.

There is both an English Language Forum and a Deutsche Schrift Forum.

The photo recognition is very good with puppy mistakes.
One can easily inject the tag category data to jpg photos.
Raw photos AFAIK with my old Minolta just produce an Adobe XMP file.

There is a plugin version with extra cost to Adobe Lightroom, but I don't use Adobe.

So what we can do is make file collections for jpg using export from internal Excire results and filter the display based on easily injected Excire AI tags .
The Raw files remain safe in the original folder.

More than this that we can then do filter copies, perhaps to subcollections, based on tags.
Xcire will let you define a user based tag, but it can not teach the AI to look for it.

Just a thought fellows.
Cheers from Lake Michigan and Superior !