Photoshop Context Menu item?

I'd like a context menu item for image files that simply send the selected files right to Photoshop. How would I do this? Currently I use the standard Windows context menu "send to" which takes a little while as I have a BUNCH of stuff there. It would be faster if the context menu item could be added that just said 'Photoshop' and I could right click and hit that. I gather I would set this from the File Types Group Image entry I just don't know what the exact command should look like.

Since Photoshop lets you pass multiple file names on the same command line, this is the best way to run it:

"C:\Program Files\Photoshop\Photoshop.exe" {allfilepath}

Adjust it for the path to your version of Photoshop, of course.

Man that worked a treat. Thanks again Leo