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Picture metadata: "Description" Field



The F9 solution is neat - Thank you! Works well for me too.
You said:

I added a command line at the end of the script so that when you press OK or CANCEL the image viewer moves on to the next image.

What is this command? I might try it too.
I have another problem though: my joy for having a ‘perfect script’ for changing the picture metadata was short-lived. The ‘Date Taken’ field when changed in Opus (be it in the metadata panel or by script) is not recognized by picture editing programs like Lightroom. But when changed in these programs is seen OK by Opus.

I created a separate post about it ‘Date Taken’ metadata Pandora’s Box & Lightroom.

			ClickData.Func.Command.AddLine("show VIEWERCMD = Next")

is the command I use.

Image tagging is probably the biggest dog’s breakfast in computing, especially if the tags are EXIF.

I tried for days to read and write comments back into my files. The only way I could get it to work was to read from one tag and write to another. Where is the logic in that?


Thanks. It didn’t work for me, 'cause I don’t use the viewer pane. Will experiment in the future.