Pictures for folders question

Ok, say, I want to set a background image for a folder- just the one folder, not it's many subfolders.

First I would go to that main folder, and under folder options, choose no image, then save that for the folder and all subfolders, right?

Then, again on the main folder, I would choose my background image, then choose "save for this folder only" right?

That should give me a background image for that main folder, but no image for its many subfolders if i'm not mistaken.

As far as I know that's how it's done, but it's not working for me.

Not quite, no.

When you do "Save for this folder and all subfolders", all that happens is the format is saved for that folder, and the 'Use as default format for all sub-folders' option is automatically turned on.

When you do "Save for this folder", exactly the same thing happens, except the 'Use as default format' option ISN'T automatically turned on.

So when you do one followed by the other, you are simply saving a format and then immediately replacing it with another.

If you want a folder to have a specific format, and its subfolders to have a different (non-default) format, you have to set them up specifically.

Thank you- I think I was looking at it backwards- you really have to give some thought as to your way of approaching your thinking with this program.