Pin and zoom buttons with Ultramon [solution and request]

Following on from something I saw in the screenshots forum ( [Just my 2 cents) ):

[quote="nudel"]You might want to turn off the lister's Pin and Zoom buttons in Preferences. It looks like you're running something that adds two buttons to the window titlebars for multi-monitor stuff, and they're being drawn on top of the Pin/Zoom buttons that Opus itself adds.

If you don't use the Pin/Zoom buttons (because the other buttons are on top of them), you can turn them off in Preferences - Listers - Options to avoid the slightly ugly effect of two buttons drawn on top of each other.[/quote]

Is there going to be a real fix for this?

I use ultraMon which is conflicting with Directory. In Ultrmon there is an option to "shift" the custom buttons by a number of pixels, thus leaving room for the DOpus pin and zoom buttons. Would it be possible to add the feature to DOpus? The reason I ask, is that UltraMon buttons appear on all windows, whereas DOpus buttons only appear on listers. So, on the non-DO pages the buttons appear with a BIG gap (due to the lack of DOpus pin and zoom buttons).


Unlikely as there is no official way to draw additional buttons in window titlebars. Everything, apart from Windows itself, which does so is doing it via a hacky method. That includes Opus, Ultramon, Nvidia's graphics drivers, and so on. They all work fine in isolation but obviously don't work too great with each other.

The real solution is not to do it at all, which is what happens with Opus on Vista regardless of preferences settings (also in part because trying to draw into the titlebars on Vista will remove the glass effect).

I suspect, due to Vista, that we will stop seeing programs draw extra icons into the titlebars from now on. :slight_smile: I can't say I really miss them.

That said, the idea of shifting the icons via and advanced setting would probably be easy to implement. You should suggest it to GPSoft:

It is curious to see someone else discussing this, as I am trying out Ultramon right now. I hope this is not rude... apparently it has many fans anyway :slight_smile: ... but there is not a lot I like about it. I know I don't want a second taskbar.

I used to do more scripting in autohotkey, but I took a little of someone else's code recently, and turned it into a mouse-click combination over a window, shifting that window to another monitor. It lacks things like 'converting' resolutions, etc, but it works very well. I have a problem with a maximized lister, though, if it is on the extended display (not primary). It seems to think it has been moved (if you zoom it, it flies to the left monitor), but in appearance it does not move until you do that.

I've searched in these forums for 'ahk' and 'autohotkey', and I'm surprised there are not more references to it, for purposes of personal customizing of DOpus.

I've always considered actions for windows, not already supported, a good idea to place on a titlebar right-click menu. Or just assign to a hotkey.



People talk about Opus being expensive - Ultramon is $40USD and it's just one trick pony...

(Well ... maybe 2 or 3 tricks)

People used to buy Ultramon just for the multi-monitor wallpaper feature, without realising that you can do it without Ultramon with a bit of work.

(Join together two wallpapers so they cover both monitors, then set them as the wallpaper in Tiled mode. Viola. Of course Ultramon provides a nicer interface for doing that and some other features; it just amused me to read about people buying/suggesting it purely for the wallpaper stuff.)