Pin to "bottom" of lister label status

On the labels preferences you can 'elevate' certain assigned labels so they always appear (pinned) on top of your lister and helps you find/prioritize certain files/folders.

It would be great if it were possible to do the opposite, that is, to 'downgrade' importance of certain files/folders so they always appear at the bottom instead.

For example, if in one's documents folder you have a lot of different files that start with 'ec' in their name (could be a different or same type of file) but there's this one that isn't really all that important and you just want it to get out of the way of your view else you accidentally open or copy it etc.

Not being able to do this yet, I just rename files with their beginning as 'z' or 'y' or use some other naming scheme e.g. numbering. Occasionally, I pin the files on top temporarily so their out of the way. Changing column sorting hierarchy also works to make things appear more organized. But, then, this still isn't optimal if the files are of the same type holding very similar names -- and it just won't do to rename it -- or, the beginning of its extension still puts it in the middle of the lister (e.g. 'm' not 'z').

You could hide the file to get it out of aight. If you need to see it again, click the hidden item count on the status bar to toggle Show Everything mode with a single click.

Hmmm, that'll probable work too in other cases -- I've created global filters for certain files and folders. But maybe not so much if you prefer not to forget about the presence of such hidden items -- basically putting them aside, but still being visible as a reminder that they're actually in there. Making a 'temp' folder might work as well, but somewhat a bit of a hassle if only used for a few files as you have to move the files back and forth.

But I'll try your suggestion, if it eventually becomes convenient enough in practice I'll stick to it.

I used to use that technique for hidden 'folder.jpg' files, but deleted all those preferring those files to be visible, and using other naming schemes.

[at the moment, I only want to put the 'cover' image of the media at the bottom of each folder, but don't necessarily want to forget that I've got those in their too]

You can also use the hidden attribute (assuming Opus is set to hide hidden files) or hide things by name via folder formats (so it only affects certain folders, not files with that name everywhere).

If you're using the default status bar settings, you'll get a bold, red count of hidden items when anything is hidden, so you know there's more in the folder than is shown. Clicking it will turn off filtering and show the extra items.