Pinning Default Lister to Quick Launch Taskbar

Just setting up a new computer (Win 10 x64). On my other computer (same specs) I can click, drag and drop a default lister file to the quick launch taskbar and click on it to open the default lister. Now when I try this the icon is there but when I click it nothing opens.

Is there something I can do to make the icon open the default lister? This may be accomplished through a setting to always open the default lister. If so, I am stumped on how to set that up.

Any help is appreciated. I use Dopus so much I have grown use to having my setups the same across work/home devices.

Which file do you mean?

To open a default lister from outside of Opus, you'd normally just use a shortcut to Dopus.exe (or DopusRT.exe /cmd Go NEW if you want to be fancy and possibly have it run slightly faster when Opus is already running).

Thanks for the response, Leo.

The file I mean is Layout 'vn1'.dcf, a shortcut of the default lister I prefer.

There's only one Default Lister, which won't be in the layouts list, but Layouts can be used for something similar. If you want to open a layout via quicklaunch, dragging it out of the list in Preferences should work.

What happens if you drag the layout from Preferences to the desktop and then double-click the layout on the desktop? Does that work, or does nothing happen then as well?

If nothing happens, have you launched dopus.exe elevated, so the whole process is elevated? That will break a lot of things as it means normal processes (like the desktop) cannot send messages to dopus.exe to ask it to open windows and other things. Instead of elevating the whole process, use the built-in UAC support and Admin Mode to elevate individual operations or individual Opus windows.

If I double-click the layout from the desktop it opens perfectly.

I have dug into the AUC settings and enabled full admin rights to all files on the PC (risky, I know) and to the folder/.exe for Opus, but still cannot open it from the quicklaunch.

Clicking something in the QuickLaunch toolbar should be the same as double-clicking it anywhere else. No problems here opening layouts that have been dragged directly from Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Layouts to the Links toolbar on the Windows 10 taskbar (QuickLaunch no longer exists AFAIK, but Links should behave identically).

Does anything else in your QuickLaunch toolbar work? Since double-clicking the file on the desktop works, I think the issue must be in the QuickLaunch toolbar somewhere, since it doesn't seem to be launching the thing that is clicked on.

I can add it to the Links toolbar, and it loads there fine, but on my other computers I have it in the QuickLaunch and am able to click it and load it right up. I am referring here:

To the right of the Chrome icon is the Opus icon. I would like to click the shortcut there and open up my default lister.

Thanks for your help and patience.

Now I understand. That's just the taskbar, not the QuickLaunch bar (which I don't think really exists in Windows 10).

Pin Opus to the taskbar normally, as you would any other application, and then change which layout it opens when you launch it via Preferences / Launching Opus / Startup.

Or, better, leave everything set to open the Default Lister, and save what you want as the default lister, using Settings > Set as Default Lister. That is usually better than using a layout. Use layouts when you want something special, and use the default lister for your default lister.

Thanks. I followed those steps but when I close Opus and open it back up from the taskbar it opens to the last folders I was in. I played around with it and opened subfolders to see if it would open fresh on the default lister and it didn't.

I figured it out!

I do not have to put a shortcut to the file of the default lister in the taskbar. I simply put the shortcut to Opus itself in the taskbar then go to Settings > Set as default lister and check the box for 'Disable the Update default lister automatically option.

All should be good from here. Thank you again, Leo for your patience and time.

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