Place Group selection on the title bar

Instead of right-clicking on the folders, clicking groups, and clicking the desired group, it would be nice if the groups were listed on the title bar. Or maybe a Groups dropdown.

You can put them on a toolbar, if that helps.

I don't see an option under Folder Tabs or Toolbar. How is your suggestion accomplished?

Settings > Customize Toolbars, to start editing your toolbars.

And you can find the command to list Folder Tab Groups in the default Folder > Folder Tabs > Tab Groups menu. That can be copied to a top-level toolbar if you want the list to appear there.

I'm old and slow and stupid.

When I right-click I get Preferences and Customize. I don't see Settings anywhere.

Also, I can't copy anything from here.

Customize is what you want. It was renamed some time ago but your toolbars may date back to an older version.