Placement in tree of children of virtual folders

[Split from the Directory Opus thread.]

Thanks for this new version. I was hoping that the following bug would be corrected:

In Windows 7, the user folder has several subfolders; I obviously changed their location to D:... since they are created on C:\Users... by default.

For instance, Documents is now located in D:\My Documents\ and Downloads in D:\My Documents\Downloads. My Music, Images and Videos are also subfolders of D:\My Documents. Notice that Windows 7 puts My Documents, Music, Images, Videos, Downloads on the same level, even though the latter are subfolders of the former. I'm fine with that.

When I double-click on some folder in (mark_d)\Downloads, Opus would jump into (mark_d)\My Documents\My Downloads(my subfolder), instead of staying in (mark_d)\My Downloads(my subfolder).

Moreover, if I navigate through .zip and .rar files inside these folders, Opus would sometimes jump to the physical location (My Computer)\D:\My Documents(etc.)

Now, if I go to the Libraries and double-click on some folder, Opus would stay there only for the first level folder. If there are subfolders, Opus would automatically go to the physical location in (My Computer)\D:(etc.)

In other words, folders in libraries work as collection members, while they are expected to work as sub-collections. This expands the folder tree more than needed.

I hope this description is clear and this bug will be fixed in the future update. Needless to say, in all these cases Windows Explorer would stay in the proper folder.

As Jon said at the top of the root post, general support questions should go in the main forum.

This thread/forum is only for providing feedback on the changes in each beta version (not the infinite set of changes which aren't in them :slight_smile:).

Start a thread in Help & Support if you want to discuss it with other people, or write to GPSoftware support if you want to report it to GPSoftware.

Leo, I agree with you; however, I should have mentioned that this report is a follow-up of a bug that was previously addressed, but not fixed correctly, in my opinion: see my post in

As Leo said to you, this thread is for feedback on changes in the beta version, no more, no less. We don't want it used to complain that other bugs/features have not been implemented/fixed.

Jon's initial post made this clear, as did Leo's follow up.

I've split the topic into this separate thread.

Do still report it to GPSoft if you want to ensure they see it.

To be complete, there is something more I noticed:

Folders in the folder tree don't automatically refresh in these virtual folders. If you add or delete folders in the virtual folders, you won't see them appearing in the folder tree or you'll even get errors because you're trying to access a folder that doesn't exist.