Playing a sound while opening a toolbar

I have a toolbar down the side of the screen each button opens another toolbar using the toggle command. How do I attach a sound to this function. So it plays a sound when a toolbar is opened. Also I shall make a feature request to have opening toolbars as a definable sound event.

You can add a sound to any button:


The QUIET part stops the play command opening a window.

UPDATE: The issue previously mentioned below has been fixed in Opus

OLD TEXT: Note that, as per a recent thread, there seems to be an issue playing MP3 files with the QUIET argument, but WAV files should work (although I find at least one of mine gets truncated if the QUIET argument is given). Haven't done much investigation of that myself but I've filed a bug report.

OK what am I doing wrong. The button now does nothing it won't play the sound or open the button bank.
here is the button argument.
Toolbar NAME=MyTabAdmin STATE=float toggle Play quiet C:\WINDOWS\Media\DOpus open Toolbar.wav

Do you have that all on one line in the real button? Because the Toolbar and Play commands are separate and need to be split onto separate lines.

Also the sound file name will need quotes around it if it has spaces in it.