Playing an mp3 in the preview window


I don't know why I can't play/view some mp3 files in the viewer preview window. I thought this is suppose to be a common feature. I've tried several different files and the screen gets activated but stays in a black screen. I have copied some mp3 to a flash card and they will play from there but the exact same files on my hard drive won't play. Many files in other location on my hard drive will play, but in other locations they will not. If I copy the file to a flash card it'll play, but if the same file is copied to another location on my hard drive it doesn't play. Do I need some special configuration or some extra file to install. Any help would be great.

Please try turning on he Windows Media Player preview handler, in the place shown below. (It's off by default. When you turn it on, ignore the warning that pops up about the other viewer usually being better.)

If that doesn't work, do the same files in the same place play okay within Windows Explorer's preview panel? Could an antivirus tool or file permissions or similar be blocking playback when in some folders but not others?


yes this method of using windows media player plugin works. But why does it say that I would get a "superior" player if I do not use the windows media plugin,and then there is no play for mp3 just a black screen with the buttons for playing the fie and that's it.

It says you'll usually get a superior viewer because it's usually true. :slight_smile: In this case, the usually-superior viewer has been broken by something, or doesn't like something to do with some of your files.

Something is probably wrong with the Windows Media Player ActiveX Control on your system, and/or your audio codecs and/or the corresponding filetype settings in the registry.

Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus has various suggestions if you want to try and fix things.