Playing MP3 files in the MP3 Format Sound File Plugin

I have read just about every message in the forum on this subject (I think), including Nudel's FAQ, but I still have a problem.

By setting the dblclk event in DOpus to Play, I can play a single MP3 file in the viewer plugin. So far, so good.

However, if I highlight one file, then select File/Play, Windows Media Player takes over and plays the file. This, despite having Media Player Classic set (and confirmed) as the default file handler for MP3 files.

If I highlight several files, then select File/Play, Windows Media Player again takes over, skims briefly through the files in order, playing a few seconds of each, until it reaches the last, which it plays in full.

It had been my hope to build a Play button to play several selected MP3 files one after the other, using the MP3 plugin. Is this not possible? And anyway, where does WMP get ito the act?

I suspect File -> Play is coming from the MP3 filetype and isn't the Opus Play command. The File menu, by default, includes items from context menu of the selected files.

Try File -> File Commands -> Play Sounds instead.

Hello Leo...

Ah, that explains a lot about the File menu.

Yes, your suggestion works.

Many thanks.

In win 11 dopus cannot use the media player thus the mp3s' are not playing. Win 10 played these files in dopus with it.

I'm not sure of the relevance. The only previous mention of Windows Media Player in this 16 year old thread was about something the original poster did not want to happen.

But both the WMP ActiveX and WMP Preview Handler viewers work in the Opus viewer pane without issue on Windows 11, out of the box.

It would be better to start a new thread and state what you're trying to do than to bump a really old thread where it's not clear which parts of it are relevant (likely nothing, as it's so old).