Plugin keeps deactivating on app reboot || preview stuck on bottom

I´m currently trying dopus out and i reaaally like it so far but there are 2 things that bother me. i got the video preview to run with the activex plugin, but it keeps deactivating itself when i restart the app. How do i keep it active?

Also i want the preview to be on the right but no matter what i do it´s stuck the bottom.

would really appreciate any help

Where are you seeing the plugin deactivated? Is it the plugin itself, or the settings inside then plugin's config dialog?

For the viewer pane, if it isn't remembering its position automatically when you close the window (which is optional), position it on the right and then use Settings > Set As Default Lister to save it explicitly.

i solved the plugin problem. I just deactivated the movie plugin and it worked.

As for the preview window, i don´t know how to position it to the right. Ive been searching myself crazy

Next to the viewer pane's close button there's a button which will show either = or || and toggles between the bottom and right positions.

thanks i kinda feel dumb right now. I tough it´s a stop function...

Do you happen to know how i get webm typ videos to run also? The activex plugin runs everything i need besides that one

Do webm files play in Windows Media Player? If not, get them working there and that may solve it in both.

they do :confused: any other ideas?

sry for the late response, headed to bed and then work

Which part of the ActiveX+Web+Preview+Office plugin have you added .webm to? It might work under one of Generic ActiveX (32-bit) or Windows Media Player.