PNGs won't load into PaintShopPro 7

lil observation/report:

Hello, i noticed that my PNG's from a dopus JPEG->PNG conversion cannot be opened in PaintShopPro 7 but in HyperSnap 6. After editing the PNG in HyperSnap and saving the edited image again to PNG format, this newly created PNG can be opened in PaintShopPro 7 without problems.

From this observation i conclude that PSP7 is pickier with what it considers "a valid PNG". I don't know about higher versions of PSP, probably the company (Jasc) doesn't exist anymore.

Well. Just wanted to share this. Maybe someone else had observed something similar with his/her image editing software.

PSP problem, not Opus. It probably can't cope with PNG files of certain bit depths. Opus uses the full range to reduce file size, and some software is only tested with the most common bit depths.

Thanks for the confirmation. I have also tried other more recent image editing software and freeware, they don't have problems with the dopus-PNG's. Only PSP7 has.

I think it's time to upgrade my PaintShopPro license :slight_smile:

Thanks again, best regards