Pocket PC File system plugin

I can view my Pocket PC files using Directory Opus, but I found this today and was wondering if it would be possible to do something similar for DO?

The plugin below distinguishes between files in ROM and RAM Everything that has an exclamation mark before it is in ROM; other files are in RAM.

WinCE Filesystemplugin for the Total-Commander
Access PocketPC and other Windows CE devices via ActiveSync direclty in Total Commander! Source available.

You could try the Opus Total Commander plugin and see if this plugin works with it.


If it doesn't then someone would need to write a native Opus plugin to do it.

ok, I can enable the WinCE-Filesystem Plugin.
Made a button with "GO: PATH tc://" to see the Pocketpc.

But it is onyl readable, I cant copy files to the PocketPC !
Is there a Chance to get it working ?!?