Poor thumbnail quality with caching enabled

I recently noticed noticed an issue involving the quality of thumbnail images when caching is enabled. If I create a new tab in a lister, the thumbnail previews of images in it will be grainier and less sharp than those in the original tab. Sometimes this effect will carry over into the orginal tab as well. This only occurs when I have thumbnail caching turned on. If any thumbnails are appearing consistantly gainy, turning thumbnail caching off will fix them. I searched through the options dialog but didn't find anything that might fix this problem.

I think this is because Opus stores the cached thumbnails using JPEG compression.

I've got plenty of disk space and wouldn't mind if there was an option to store them as uncompressed bitmaps (or lossless PNG if it's still fast enough), but AFAIK there isn't one at the moment.

Crud... well, thanks for clarifying though.