Poor UX - copying folder out of zip - misleading prompt

Background: I downloaded a collection of zip files from Google Takeout. within each zipfile there was a particular folder I need to unzip. The folder repeats across all the zipfiles, since it is a huge tree and Takeout had to split it up.

Dopus was great for handling this situation except for the below-described issue.

Usage scenario & issue
I could quickly navigate to the folder I wanted in the left pane and then drag it to the right pane to copy (unzipped). However, for the second zip file, I got this message:


Which I found misleading and insufficient. The question in the dialog is "Do you still want to move or copy the folder?". the possible answers should have included things like "Yes" and "No". From trying both options I learned that "Replace" = "Yes" and "Skip" = "No". Of course, that leaves open the question of how choosing one of the sub-options ("Replace all" and "Skip all") would have given different results. As far as I can tell, they do not.

I would have expected something along the lines of what Dopus offers in similar situations, e.g.:

The folder 'xxx'already exists in the destination folder.
If the files in the existing folder have the same name as files in the folder you are
moving or copying, they may be replaced.

Choose what should happen if a file has the same name:
( ) Replace
( ) Keep newer
( ) Rename existing
( ) Skip
( ) Ask

That would be a much more satisfying and Dopus-like experience.

Once it starts copying, if the user selects "Unattended operation", the choice could be used to populate the corresponding "When file exists:" selection of the "Unattended Errors" dialog.

Note that I am not sure this behavior only happens when extracting files from a zip. It may also be the same behavior when copying folders from uncompressed locations.

(See my next forum posts for issues related to the functioning of "Unattended operation" in this scenario.)

I agree!

I support the addition of such an option.

I am glad to see I am not alone in finding that dialog box annoying.

Since I've been doing a lot of file copying recently, I have come to realize that this prompt only occurs when copying out of a zip archive. Furthermore, it is totally useless. It adds nothing to the UX and serves as a source of confusion.

When I copy a folder out of a zip archive, it should behave EXACTLY the same as when I copy a folder from a non-zipped location in the file system. This extra stumbling block does not help the user - it only gets in the way of getting the job done. Very non-Dopus, IMHO.

Team Dopus - any comment?

The reason why Opus acts as is, is because it's approaching it from the folders clashing, whereas the usual options are from files clashing. You will find it currently is much more similar to File Operations > Copy Options > Confirmation > Ask for confirmation before merging existing folders.

If you try to copy and extract the files themselves, you do get the same exact options (Replace / Rename New / Rename Old / Keep Newer / etc).

The issue currently is actually that for archives it offers just Replace, while normally it offers Merge (with Replace options afterwards if any files clash). If anything, archives should start off with the Merge option as well, opposed to just Replace.

It would indeed be great to have the same exact confirmation options for archives as for normal folders, or even using the same exact copy confirmation options already present. I disagree with the suggested "Yes/No" options though. That would make it much more confusing (and the "All" options are clearly for when there are multiple clashes).

If the dialog stays as is, I would suggest to simply remove the "Do you still want to move or copy the folder?" question, which makes it both shorter and easier to understand. But please extend the usual copy confirmation options for archives instead.

@pro - I am glad to see that you also agree with me about the desirability of removing the confusing confirmation dialog from archive-sourced copies and having them share the exact same interface and functionality as a non-archive-sourced copy.

BTW, in my recent experience, DO suggests that the only options are Replace and Cancel, but when you select Replace, it proceeds to provide an interface similar (but not identical) to a regular Copy. It also doesn't matter whether it is a collection of files or a folder(s). The difference is in whether the source is an archive (zip) or the file system.

Removing that confirmation dialog will also address the issue raised here:

where the unneeded prompt is interrupting (stopping) the unattended operation of actions in the Queue.

@Leo or @Jon - what do you think?

I think the thread has been bumped enough now. :slight_smile:

We may change things but we don't have anything to say at this point. We're focused on work in other areas at the moment.

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