Pop out behaviour of sub menus in toolbars


maybe i've missed something, but is it possible to switch the handling of DOpus with popping out sub menus to the old behaviour of DOpus6? I've searched all across the forum but did'nt find a hint.
In DOPus6 it was possible to click on a menu in a self defined toolbar, then the menu popped out. When you now moved the mouse to another menu, it was highlighted and its sub menu popped out automatically without clicking. This made searching through the menus easier.
Now if have to click on any item, when i'm looking for a specific menu item.
Strangly, if you click on the predefined toolbar ListerMenu, it shows the old behaviour.
The only difference i can find is, that my self defined toolbar uses images instead of text.

By the way, something similiar goes for the new GO FOLDERCONTENT command. It is annoying to click on the small arrow every time to show the sub directory content.

Is it possible to change that behaviour?


It sounds like in both cases you have created Button-Menus rather than Menus.

These are things like the Back and Forward items in the default toolbar where you click the main button part to perform an action and click the down-pointing arrow part to show a (usually) related menu.

For your user-created menus you simply need to go into Customize mode and create a new Menu (not a Button Menu) and then move everything into it. (If you have a load of Button-Menu that you need to convert upload the toolbar file here and myself or someone else can edit the XML for you to do it all in one go, or edit it yourself if you feel brave.)

For the FolderContent menu you mention, edit the button which generates it and remove the Button argument which must be there.

Many thanks for the hint with removing the button argument. This did the trick. :smiley:

As for the menu thing: i found out, that the behaviour is different with floating and unfloating toolbars. I unchecked the floating mark of my toolbar and, lo and behold, suddenly it worked the way i wanted. But unfortunatly not with floating toolbars.
Is this a bug?

You're right, it happens with floating toolbars but only the very top level. Sub-menus work okay but for some reason menus at the top level of floating toolbars don't "hot track".

Now that you mention it, I complained about this exact thing with floating toolbars a long time ago but had since forgotten about it and gotten used to it.