Pop-out Folder Tree

One of the (many) nice features in Opera (the web browser) is when you move the mouse cursor to the left hand side of the screen and click the left mouse button the bookmark panel toggles on and off. This would be a great way to toggle the Folder Tree on and off provided the
'Share single Tree between dual file displays'
in prefs was selected.


I was about to post a similar feature request.

But not just and easy way of expanding/collapsing the folder tree but also the top menyes would be nice.

So that every meny would have a small expand/collapse button.

You can already make buttons and/or hotkeys which toggle toolbars, menus and/or the folder tree.

You can also hide toolbars temporarily (right-click, Hide) which makes them turn into a small button that will re-open them.

I support this request but would prefer a "mouse-over" event for displaying/hiding the tree (no click!). This approach works very well for me when using the Opera and Firefox sidebars.

Which part of the UI actually triggers the pop-up? Is it the normal window border or is there some kind of "hidden panel" UI element, like a thin strip with a gripper on it or similar?

I wonder if a good solution would be to make it possible to define the commands that the existing slide-out navigation buttons do? Then you could make them toggle the tree, go to the parent/back/root (like they do right now), or anything else people can think of.

Well, in Maxthon (as an example) there is a very narrow region adjacent to the window boundary that triggers the floating sidebar when the mouse enters/leaves it.

A feature I like about the way some tools implement this interface approach is that the sidebar (or as I hope in Dopus' case: the tree) expands over/on top of the main panel instead of forcing it to narrow.

Most tools that implement this feature also provide a means to "pin" the sidebar open. When the sidebar is pinned, an adjustable splitter appears between the sidebar and the main panel and the sidebar persists. Unpinning the sidebar causes it to collapse back into the mouseover region near the window border.

Well nudel, something like the Firefox add-in 'all-in-one sidebar' function would be great. I really believe it would greatly add to the usability of the DOpus interface.


Maybe also use the same technique to pop out the viewer pane on the RHS of the screen.