Populate a menu from real folders

Hi all,

Is there a way to populate a Dopus menu button dynamically from the contents of 4-5 real folders, and display them hierarchically?

Intention / reason:
Create a floating toolbar which resembles the "classic menu" of W2K. The start menu of Windows 7 RTM is too messy for me, and MS removed the classic start menu (in contrast, grpconv.exe from Win3.1 is still available :laughing: )

Thanks for a hint.


Create a new menu and create a new button inside the menu using this code:

go FOLDERCONTENT=button ""

Thanks Christiaan !
I looked thru all the command variants but missed this.

Or, when you just want to emulate the start menu: go FOLDERCONTENT=button /start

And also have a look here (Adding Cascading Folder Content to your context menus): [Adding Cascading Folder Content to your context menus) :wink:

Hey, from where do you have all this? But this time, it doesn't work perfectly: The principal tree from allusers profile is missing. But no prb for me to create 2 entries. fk.

I see. RTFM (read the f..ing manual). Quite some support for my needs.

The Start Menu Button example from the Buttons forum does this kind of thing, combining two folders.

Dopus is really super flexible, thank you for this! I didn't know that it accepts XML-formatted input from the paste buffer.

Meanwhile, I created my custom start menu as part of a Dopus bar, by combining nicely the MS startup folders with my own ones.

(The only feature of Win-7 which seems to be real good and not covered by my solution are the 'jump lists'. For my (admin) purposes, they are rather not relevant.)

Just noticed this post: [Problems with "go foldercontent" command)

So, the code I posted above works, but it is wrong. It should be:


OR just