Position about manual editing(via scripts) of toobalrs files?

Hi guys of GP Software, as far as I noticed by trying script features on DOpus 12, I see that is factible the possibility of making some "manual changes" on the toolbars, p. example, kind of dynamic buttons (I create a toolbar for scraps that use this to reload buttons on the available collections named Scraps), althought it is possible, right now is very "clunky" the way you update a toolbar (you have to close and the open it), I wonder if there's an "official position" about doing this, or some work in order to do this in a more practical way (I love to see an event like on disk connect/disconnect)? Thanks

It is not officially supported but is something we've been thinking about, so maybe one day in the future.

You could use Go FOLDERCONTENT in a menu and point it at a folder where the script generates .dcf button xml files. That may be the best way at the moment. There isn't a good way to do it on a top level toolbar as there is no way for scripts to indicate when they need a toolbar refresh.