Position for "Split To New Lister"

Hi guys,

When I right click a tab and click "Split To New Lister", the tab in question is moved to a newly opened lister. I've already searched for hours to find out how to specify the position, where this new lister opens, but I couldn't find any info.

Is this even possible?

Kind Regards

Things which open a new window tend to use the Default Lister settings (with the exception of things which inherently use something else, like opening a saved layout, or commands that specify a window position).

So it will open the window size which was saved as the default lister (Settings > Set as Default Lister), and positioned according to the choice under Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister.

Many thanks for the reply.

I have my default lister on the left screen half, so I tried to configure it that way, that an additional second lister opens on the right screen half.

"Split To New Lister" opens the new lister exactly on the same position and with the same size like the default lister on the left size, which confirms your statement.

When I open a new lister via the jump list, it opens on the right side, because I could specify a position here.

Well, not a big issue, I was just wondering if I could do something similar to the jump list.


You can make a command that opens a new window for a path in a particular position, using the Go command.

There isn’t currently a way to edit the menu when you right click a tab (although that is on our ideas list), so the command would need to be on a toolbar, menu or hotkey instead.